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KERUI W18 WIFI GSM SMS Home Burglar Security Alarm System PIR Motion detector APP Control Sensor Alarm Fire Smoke Detector Alarmproduct-feature

  •  KERUI W18 Alarm puts whole-home security at your fingertips. Get alerts on your smart phone when doors or windows open or motion is detected.
  •  Passive motion sensors detect any suspicious movement or activity
  •  Door/Window contacts detect any forceful break-in
  •  Loud, 110dB alarm alerts neighbors and deters potential intruders
  •  Customize KERUI Alarm for your needs. Add components at any time for whole home protection.
  •  Easily setup KERUI Alarm in minutes—without tools or professional installation..
  •  Auto-dialer function will call up to 6 designated phone numbers in case of a security breach
  • Linkage to Some Detector Can abstain or decrease the arises of fire


Whole-Home Security at Your Fingertips

Protect your property from the inside-out, and get mobile alerts when doors or windows open and when motion is detected at home. Set up your entire system without the need for tools or professional installation, and expand your Alarm to fit any home or apartment


 NEW Upgrate KERUI WIFI GSM Alarm System



KERUI W18 It’s a great fit for homes, offices and apartments. The W18 panel can connect to WiFi and

communicate with the free mobile app, available for iPhone and Android devices. the system will allow your

panel to call up to 6 phone numbers you specify in the event of an alarm.

It comes equipped with a built in siren and a remote wireless siren with adjustable volume, both a proven

deterrent. You canalso remotely arm, disarm, and check the status of your system using the mobile app as

well as place calls inbound to the main panel to control it remotely over the phone.





6 groups alarm phone number

6 groups of SMS alerts, multi-group telephone alarm,more secure.

  Automatically dial preset phone number when power failure




Schedule Arm/Disalarm

It's too much trouble to arm/disarm everyday, 
There are 4 sets scheduled arm/disarm/stay arm function by zone/day/time.
set on demand, automatic anti-thelf. 




Two Way Communication

Two way intercom system allows you to communicate with your loved ones while you are away.



Expand Your Security System Any Time

KERUI security systems are capable of supporting multiple wireless accessories to suit your needs precisely



Be Online All The Time

Built-in backup battery, it can standby 8 hours if the external power is off. 

it will automatically dial preset phone number when power failure



Q: How long is the sensor's battery life ?

A: Usually, the sensor's battery can work about 6 months,the pir can work with USB DC 5V; 

Q: Dose the alarm system call and send sms to me when power cut off, it can still work?

A: Yes,it will call you and send you sms,and it can still work about 6-8 hours,built-in siren .




Why  choose intelligent alarmes system W18 ?

 8 Zones Types For DIY 8 zones types for choosing

DIY setting your own defence security areas. 99 wireless zones,each zones can setting siren alarm or disarm.



Control Your System Remotely

When your system is configured and connected for remote access, you can control your security system remotely. Do you have house guests, cleaning staff, or security personnel who need to get inside without triggering the alarm? Disarm or re-arm the system at the push of a button. You won't need to share your system's password with anyone.



App Downloading Service 

Mobile phone users should enter App Store, search "G18" or sweep the next two- dimensional bar code in Figure,then the user can search APP of G18 alarm system.

Download and install the APP,The host can be controlled remotely by mobile APP. For iOS system, during operation it will jump to the SMS interface. 

Android system mobile phone will not jump to the SMS interface, but will complete texting in the backstage


Not Just For Homes

Our security systems are great for small businesses, as well! They are extremely easy to install and come programmed. With optional self-monitoring available, you can ensure you'll be notified in the event of a triggered alarm. Have a large warehouse or bigger building that needs to be protected? We offer optional signal repeaters to increase the wireless range of the accessories. Whether you have a 10,000 sq. foot warehouse or a 400 sq. foot apartment we have a security system that will fit your needs.

Installation and Usage of Door Sensor

Door sensor is used for sensing the closing and opening state of the door, and is consisted of transmitter and magnet two parts. It can be installed on doors,windows or any object that can be closed and opened. When transmitter isseparated from the magnet, door senser will send alarm signal to alarm panel,host will alarm. 




Installation and Use of PIR Motion Detector


Before use, make sure the power switch of PIR motion sensors is ON. Installation height is about 2.2 meters above ground and it should be installed in the cornerof the room to get the best detection range. At the same time, it should form a certain angle with the walking line ( 90 degree angle is best for detection)


Installation and Usage of Smoke/Gas Detector

Home/commercial/company/warehouse are necessary for predicting fire To detect the leakage of gas/natural gas/ liquefied gas

Installation and Usage of Smart Socket

Using this product not only give users living convenience,but also protect electronic,eliminate standby power consumption and save power resources





1.KERUI W18 Only use 2G Sim Card   (850/900/1800/1900MHz)  , and friends from the United States and Australia please contact us. 
2. KERUI W18 Only Work With 2.4G WIFI Frequency.


KIT 1 Black/White
1 x W18 Host Keypad (433MHz,Without original package)
1 x P819 PIR Sensor Detector 
1 x D025 Door/ Window Detector   
2 x Rc531 Remote Control
1 x Wired Siren
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Guider Books
KIT 2 Black/White
1 x W18 Host Keypad (433MHz,Without original package)
1 x P815 PIR Sensor Detector 
1 x D022 Door/ Window Detector   
2 x Rc527 Remote Control
1 x Wired Siren
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Guider Books
KIT 3 Black/White
1 x W18 Host Keypad (433MHz,Without original package)
3 x P819 PIR Sensor Detector 
2 x D025 Door/ Window Detector   
3 x Rc531 Remote Control
1 x 04 Smoke Detector
1 x Wired Siren
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Guider Books
KIT 4 Black/White
1 x W18 Host Keypad (433MHz,Without original package)
5 x P815 PIR Sensor Detector 
5 x D022 Door/ Window Detector   
4 x RC527 Remote Control
1 x Wired Siren
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Guider Books
KIT 5 Black/White
1 x W18 Host Keypad (433MHz,Without original package)
3 x P819 PIR Sensor Detector 
3 x D025 Door/ Window Detector   
4 x Rc531 Remote Control
1 x Wired Siren
1 x IP Camera
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Guider Books
Batteries are not included because of aviation restrictions






Ships From

China, Russian Federation, Spain, Ukraine


KIT1 White, KIT1 Black, KIT2 White, KIT2 Black, KIT3 White, KIT3 Black, KIT4 White, KIT4 Black, KIT5 White, KIT5 Black


Russian, French, Spanish, English

Output Number


Video Interface


Connection Type




Zone Number




Alarm Type

Apps Control

Kit Configuration

Door/Window Sensor

Model Number


Password Keyboard


Arming Type




Feature 1

Touch Screen Alarm Panel

Feature 2

TFT color display

Wireless frequency


Working Way



PIR Motion Sensor+ Magnetic Sensor + Remote control

Defense Zeons

99 wireless zones


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